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How Deb and Drew met and became Deb & Drew, REALTORS

You’d have to go a long way back to see where Deb and Drew met. If you were to really examine the events that led to this partnership you might just say… It was destined to be!

Most real estate partnerships are born out of convenience, strategic alliance, business investment, etc…  But Deb & Drew are different!  Deb & Drew is a team created by a passion for service and mutual purpose built on a foundation of longstanding friendship.

Years past, in about 2000, in the small southwestern Alberta town of Cochrane two peewee hockey teams faced off!  Cochrane vs. Chestermere.  Two small town teams battling it to preserve some inherent pride imbued in Canadian youth, a need to win for your town.  And when it comes to hockey, it’s pretty important!  Playing goalie for Chestermere was a young Kyle Ambrosi prepared for the hardest slapshot.  And for Cochrane’s defense you’d find a zealous Drew Hughes ready to lay a check into any approaching opponent.  For a few reasons this game was particularly memorable.  Chiefly, the Cochrane Cougars missed an easy break away empty net goal, something you aren’t likely to see to often…  But also because two Mothers met and talked about the chances that both families may soon move to Katy, Texas.

A quick jump forward to 2002 and these youngsters where growing fast and playing for Taylor High School on the same side of the puck.  Drew Hughes, still at defense, and Kyle Ambrosi on his way to a Senior year (3 years later) with an unbeatable record of the leagues top scorer (playing as a forward) and the goalie with best record (filling in twice as a goalie and getting shut outs).

And so it was for years that the Hughes boys spent long afternoons with the Ambrosi’s.  A little odd trivia to take the relationship even further back…  In about 1998 Drew was trained to SCUBA dive by Deb’s brother Rob in Calgary before anyone made the connection.  And one last twist, a young man name Reid Walker, Kyle and Drew’s best buddy in Katy was taught by Deb when he was in Kindergarten in Canada, remembered because he never behaved!

So you can see, this relationship is anything but business driven.  We are family!  And it is because of a long established relationship that Deb & Drew have found such a cohesive partnership that proves to be more rewarding with each day.

So whether it is catching a ride to a hockey practice or helping one another with an open house, Deb & Drew work together!  And this cohesiveness is what makes us so different!

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