Five Reasons to Get Pre-Approved

Five Reasons to Get Pre-Approved

Here are the top five reasons that Deb & Drew would recommend that you get pre-approved:

  1. If you get pre-approved you increase your bargaining and negotiating power.
  2. Your pre-approval allows for a faster closing period.
  3. You will be able to shop with confidence knowing that you are already pre-approved for a mortgage.
  4. You can eliminate properties that are beyond your price range, saving you time.
  5. When you get pre-approved you will be more aware of credit issues so you can fix them before you find your new home.

Deb & Drew, of Walt Temple Properties in Katy, Texas always recommend that their Clients seek pre-approval prior to beginning the house hunt.

Get pre-approved

In the Katy residential real estate market it is highly unlikely that a Seller will accept a Buyer's offer without written and confirmed pre-approval for the offer amount.

get pre-approved
A special 'Thank You' to Rick McClure of Supreme Lending for helping with this article.

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