Lawn Care Tips – Spring

Lawn Care Tips – Spring

Homeowners are always working hard to keep their lawn looking healthy and green.  Below is a video from Drew about how he keeps his lawn so green year after year.

The regime he follows is guidelines put out by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service of the Texas A&M University System.  This link is for maintaining St. Augustine grass lawns.

This is a brief run down of the spring time tips that Drew covers in this video:

  • Set the mower height to 2.5-3 inches
  • Do not bag the grass clippings
    • They provide nutrients as they decompose and feed the lawn
    • This will save you time bagging the clippings
  • Begin fertilizing 3 weeks after the lawn turns green
    • Use a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer
    • The bag will say something like: 15-5-10, 21-7-14, etc...
  • Water to a depth of 6 inches every 5-10 days
    • Check watering depth with a screwdriver
    • Windy and sunny days will require more frequent watering
    • The lawn will tell you when it is thirst again as it begins to turn a dull bluish color (weird right?!?)
  • The best weed control is a healthy lawn
  • Only apply herbicides when weeds are present and the grass is healthy
  • St. Augustine grass is very sensitive to some herbicides
  • Routinely check for chinch bugs and white grubs and treat as needed

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