March Macaroni Madness

March Macaroni Madness

A Cheesy Success!


Team Deb & Drew, REALTORS dreamed up something cheesy to show their Clients appreciation for allowing them to serve as their REALTORS.  In keeping with the collegiate basketball tournament, March Madness, Deb & Drew hosted their first annual March Macaroni Madness.

March Macaroni Madness, in it's inaugural year, was a huge success.  With more than 50 attendees and 14 macaroni dish entrees, all projections were blown away.  Luckily this meant that there was plenty of Macaroni and Cheese to go around!


Deb & Drew, REALTORS
The Macaroni Expert and the Cheese Specialist

While this was a fun event for Deb & Drew clients it was also a very serious competition!  With 14 entries it was a strong field!  From classic macaroni and cheese dishes to cold macaroni salads, everyone put up their best dish!  And the judging...  It was weighted, 50% on flavor and 50% on the creativity of the name of the dish!  So everyone had a chance!

The Mac Dish names included:

The Hulk, Pasta Caprese, Ranch Macaroni, Brad's Sparkaroni, Five Mile Mac & Cheese, Mama Macaroni, Little Italy, The Cheesiest Mac & Cheese Around, Sun Dried Tomato, Texas Gold, Bachelor Mac, Some More Please, 'Mac'nificent, and Tuscani Pasta!

Such great names!

So while everyone who attended had a great time, this was a competition...  So who won??

When it came to overall name the winner was - The Hulk!!!

When it came to overall flavor the winner was - Little Italy!!!

But in this competition you had to put both together...  So, the winners were:

Third Place

Five Mile Mac & Cheese - Shelley Lamb

Second Place

Little Italy -

First Place

Some More Please - Karen Hughes

And no event is complete without pictures:

Deb & Drew, REALTORS
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
Walt Temple, our Broker, and his family!
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
The Froe Family eating Mac and playing in the park!
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
Deb & Drew, REALTORS
A couple of regular Mac Maniacs! The Hoovers!!
Deb & Drew, REALTORS

And of course, thank you for everyone for coming out and helping make the first March Macaroni Madness such a success!

Thank you to Walt Temple, our Broker and owner of Walt Temple Properties, for allowing us to be a part of your great team!

Thank you to Amanda Morris-White for being the mover and shaker behind the scenes.

Thank you to Independence Title, Kanga Pools, and Leisure Pools for sponsoring prizes!

Thank you to the Green Trails HOA for allowing us the opportunity to host this fun community event in your park!

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, thank you to our great Clients, without whom Deb & Drew wouldn't have any fun at all!  We love what we do!


If you would like to learn more about Deb & Drew please contact us here.

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